About Hegemony

Larry Bratcher is a Strength and Conditioning Practitioner specializing in sports performance, injury rehab and prevention. He holds a Z-Health Movement as well NASM’s CPT, PES, CES certifications with CSCS pending. He founded Hegemony Training after graduating from Fayetteville State University and playing basketball professionally for 10 years in the CBA, IBA, and USBL in the United States. Larry played in Professional Leagues in Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, Germany, Iceland, Jordan, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Romania, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Larry works with athletes throughout the year to develop and improve each player’s game. Larry has mastered the art of marrying sports science, skill development and nutrition to build a complete athlete. At Hegemony, we offer training in sports performance movement, conditioning, strength training, position specific skill and injury prevention to name a few.

Contact us today via email at larry@hegemonytraining.com or by phone at (919) 949-7414.

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Hegemony Training Performance Solutions focus first on coordinated, efficient movement. Better movement yields better overall performance. Then the focus moves to strength training and conditioning. This prepares the athlete for on court work. This prepares the athlete for their respective sport.

Based on your needs, your program may also include a variety of holistic treatments to include:
Hot Yoga
Chiropractic Treatments
Orthopedic Treatments

We are NASM CPT, PES and CES certified trainers. Our programs are tailored to the client and we marry training, flexibility, movement and nutrition to bring about your desired change. We are Z health certified movement specialists which is ideal for weight management and strength training. We also offer monthly packages to cut down on costs and give you a routine to accomplish between training sessions. Training locations and times are amenable to you. Let us know when you want to get started.


To be a complete basketball player one needs both sound fundamentals and a competitive edge. With the globalization of the game of basketball, individual training is becoming more important to the advancement of young players. Individual training is offered to assist players in reaching their goals through an intense training environment that will supplement their current training.

When it comes to our high school or college players, we focus on the offensive and defensive systems they currently run or the systems they will be running at the next stop in their career. This puts them ahead of the curve in terms of understanding and excelling with their team; leading to ultimate confidence and better performance. Individualized training sessions are available for youth and adults of all ages, male and female.

Each client will participate in an initial assessment to determine skill level and areas for improvement. Objectives include: Accessing strengths and weaknesses
Nutrition and Rest
Strength Training
Speed & Agility
Plyometrics & Endurance
Mental Toughness and Confidence
How to Study Game Film
RAPIDS: Rebounding, Assisting (including ball handling), Pressure (how to handle), Intellect (knowledge of the game), Defense, Scoring, Screening & Shooting


Our programs can be designed to fit your individual needs to prepare you for high level exposure and increase your productivity on the court. Trainers will work with you to fine tune any fundamental deficiencies, so that we can focus on position specific skill work. Our trainers will address muscular imbalances, faulty movements as well as use their techniques to improve flexibility, speed and performance. We not only focus on the body, but we will teach you the tools needed to rehabilitate, restore and reeducate the brain.

After your assessment, we will develop a program that can include:
Vertical Jump Training
Strength Conditioning and Development
Explosive Movement
Sports Therapy
Corrective Movement

At Hegemony Training, we strive to provide all services on all levels.  Clients will have access to housing, meal preparations, travel accommodations (via NetJets), luxury car rentals, custom clothing options, temporary health and disability insurance.

Why Corporate Wellness?

Regular exercise reduces worker stress, increases energy and sharpens memory skills. Sedentary lifestyles shorten life expectancy. Employee health affects more than just medical costs. A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: 59% of employees do not get adequate exercise, 50% or more have high cholesterol, 27% have cardiovascular disease , 26% are overweight by 20 percent or more, 24% have high blood pressure. Through its Corporate Wellness Programs, Hegemony Training offers a proven formula to incorporate wellness into the daily routine of your employees to benefit all fitness levels.

The Benefits

The workplace environment can set the tone for all employees. Studies show that when employers invest in employees’ health and interests, they are productive, dedicated and loyal. Corporations that offer wellness programs and benefits attract the most talented employees. They also reduce absenteeism and the amount of time spent employees spend out sick. Nevertheless, most industry literature and research agrees that the typical return on a wellness program is said to be from $3-$6 for every $1 invested, with savings realized 2-3 years after implementation. To get your corporation started or to schedule a personal training session, contact us today via email at cwp@hegemonytraining.com or by phone at (919) 949-7414.


Hegemony Training works with people who want to lose weight, get or stay physically fit, improve their emotional well-being, reduce stress, and manage health conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol by making positive, lasting changes in their diet and lifestyle. We work one on one with clients to create tailored plans to help them set and meet goals. HT offers ongoing coaching and support to keep clients on track. Monthly plans are offered for three to six months of coaching and consultation and we’ll work with clients to fit their budget and goals.